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invisible dog fence

Systems that create an invisible boundary using a buried wire and a collar receiver. They keep the yard open and unobstructed while effectively containing your pet.

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An invisible dog fence refers to a system that keeps your dog within your compound without using physical structures. This system sets up an invisible boundary for your pet through training and technology.

How does it work?

The invisible dog fence comprises three key components:

A Transmitter

This is fixed in your house and sends radio signals.

A Boundary Wire

It is buried underground and carries the signal.

A Receiver Collar

Worn by the dog, it receives the signal and notifies them if they are nearing the boundary.

When your dog approaches this limit; the collar gives a warning sound then if it goes further than that point; The collar will produce a mild electric shock which is startling but not harmful hence reminding them to stay away.

Benefits of Using an Invisible Dog Fence

Freedom for Your Dog: Lets you set free your pet within those limits hence no need of using a leash all the time.


These fences do not obstruct the view of your yard with physical barriers.


They are usually cheaper compared to traditional fences installation.


Can be installed on properties with different shapes or sizes.

Setting up The Fence

These are steps followed when setting up an invisible dog fence:

Planning The Layout

– Determine where you want it to stop. Include places where he can play or sleep at.

Installing The Transmitter

– Locate it in a dry place away from water sources and out of children’s reach too..

Laying The Wire

– Bury wire along planned boundaries; Be sure there are no sharp objects that may cut through insulation covering wire…

Connecting The System

– Connect both ends of wire into transmitter then power up system after everything has been checked out okay so far by following instructions given by manufacturer’s guide booklets properly.. .

Fitting The Collar – Adjust collar size so that he feels comfortable with it; Too tight may cause injury while too loose will make useless since it won’t work if they move around much..

Training Your Dog

The invisible dog fence needs training to be effective, here is how;

Introduce The Collar

– Let them wear it for some time before activating.

Use Flags

– In the beginning place flags along where he should not go as visual aids for him.

Teach The Boundary

– Walk him on a leash within set limits correcting each time he tries going towards flags or any other place beyond boundary marked by flags.


– Ensure you are always present during initial days until such moment they learn these points well enough so that even when left alone. .

Safety Considerations

While invisible dog fences are safe, keep these points in mind:

Age and Size

: Not suitable for puppies under six months or very small dogs.


: Make sure your pet is physically fit enough to handle this kind of system mentally too..

Regular Checks

: Always check collar’s fitting plus inspecting whole system from time to ensure proper functioning has taken place throughout its usage period…


An invisible dog fence can be a great way of keeping your furry friend safe while allowing them their freedom, you can check our latest product GPS dog fence for more info. However, it must be used responsibly and alongside proper training. With good preparation and thoughtfulness, an undetectable canine barrier might just make both yourself and your pooch happier.

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