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What is a GPS Dog Tracker?

A GPS dog tracker is a device which shows you where your pet is. It works by showing the location of your dog on a map using the GPS (Global Positioning System). Think of it as like the map app on your phone that helps you find your way around!

Why Use a GPS Dog Tracker?


: Knowing where they are all the time improves their safety.

Peace of Mind

: If ever lost, you can find them again quickly.

Activity Monitoring

: Some trackers also tell you how much walking or running your dog does.

How Does It Work?

This small device attaches to your dog’s collar and emits a signal with its location, which can be seen on your phone or computer.

Features to Consider

Battery Life

: Look out for long battery life so you don’t have to charge often.

Water Resistance

: Dogs love water! Ensure the tracker is water-resistant.


: Make sure it works well in your area – city or countryside etcetera…

Types of Trackers

Basic GPS Trackers

– these simply show where they are, pretty easy really!

Activity Monitors

– can also inform about daily activity levels

Advanced Systems

– some systems will even let off an alarm when the dog leaves certain areas

How to Choose the Right Tracker

Think about what features matter most for both yourself and your pet;

Consider cost too;

Read other people’s reviews who may have similar pets like yours or live near where you do etcetera…

Setting Up Your Tracker

Charge it up;

Attach it securely onto their collar;

Download then open the app onto your phone;

Follow instructions from there on creating an account within app itself (app should guide through this process).

Using The Tracker

Open app and see whereabouts they are at any given time;

Also see how much exercise they’ve had if any yet today even!

I think GPS dog tracker is a useful tool for any dog owner and it will used on any situation, training a dog or outdoor play. It not only keeps your dog safe also gives you peace of mind. With the right tracker like the same functionality one in our store GPS dog fence, you and your furry friends can enjoy safe and fun adventures together!

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