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KD 660 In-Ground Electronic Dog Fence




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Product Description
Voice of customer: This electric fence is INCREDIBLE! Especially for the fence function. I have four dogs and neither of them had ever had free reign before now because they are quite reactionary to other animals and people. Not in a mean way but i a “hi new friend!” and take off to whoever comes over or a bird or squirrel in the yard. I was really worried that one of them in particular wouldn’t be phased by the beep of the vibrations at all. But nope! They took to it so quickly and understood the boundaries immediately, after a week I stopped being a helicopter mom and felt comfortable going in the house when they were outside without watching their every move. It’s been a little over a month now and everything is perfect. The battery on the collars lasts for a week at the very least but I charge them every 5 days or so just to be safe. And they charge super fast, in about 1 hour they are completely charged and good to go for days. I can’t recommend this enough, don’t hesitate if you’ve been thinking about this, it’ll make your dogs so happy and take a lot of the stress of the owner too!
Very easy to install. Dogs seem to respect this device;EAsy to install, able to do above ground as well. Everything you need is included. Covers a large area of land. Very pleased
You can choose to bury the wire underground or install it above the ground. If it is not convenient to dig trenches, you can choose above the ground.
When the trigger receiver is working, the receiver working modes include beep mode and electric shock mode.
One-to-two charging cable can charge the transmitter and receiver at the same time
Step 1
Mount the transmitter
Step 2
Bury wire in the right place
Step 3
Choose a proper metal probe
Step 4
Test receiver
Step 5
Put it on your dog’s neck
Step 6
Turn on the dog fence
Tips for use: When installing pre-embedded wires, do not cross-wrap the wires to avoid signal cancellation; When installing, be careful not to break the embedded wires


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Weight0.999 kg
Dimensions20 × 18 × 8 cm
Is Smart Device


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Electronic Fence

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Mainland China

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GPS Dog Fence
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